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How a small renovation can add value to your home?

Upgrading your house is a task that not only brings a lot of convenience to your lifestyle, but also adds comfort and makes your living experience pleasurable. Renovating your house can also help your house come up to code with the various housing laws and regulations that have been created by the government in order to ensure that you are living within a safe environment and that your house doesn’t pose any threats to those living around you. However, another benefit that you derive from remodeling your house is that you get to increase the overall value of your property. If at a later date you decide to sell your house, you can charge a higher property price as the house’s property valuation has increased owing to the remodeling that you had done earlier. Based on the quality that you have been able to maintain of your house, your house renovations can prove to be a major benefit because of their value addition traits. In this article three popular remodeling options have been listed that are capable of adding value to your home if you plan to sell it on a later date.

How a small renovation can add value to your home?

Kitchen Renovations

At the very top of this list is the option of kitchen remodeling. The kitchen is undoubtedly the most popular room that you have inside your house and according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, also known as the NAHB, it is also the room that is most popularly considered for remodeling. When remodeling your kitchen, some of the most popular choices that you can make include updating appliances, refacing the cabinets, tile work, new flooring, replacing the old sinks and faucets and the construction of new elements in the kitchen like additional power outputs and islands.

Deck and Patio Renovations

Renovating the deck or the patio in your house does not simply provide you with a pleasing spot to relax during the summer, but also provides proper value to your house. If you add a patio or a deck to your house, the square footage of your house increases which can be levied upon when selling your house at a later date. Having a patio or deck renovation as part of your house, you can charge more money from the person you are selling it to. However, it is important that you maintain this patio or deck in a great manner so that it retains its value at the time of being sold.

renovation can add value to your home

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations is the next popular choice when it comes to house renovations that add value to your home. People are opting for a spa like feel in their bathrooms, moving the toilets into designated stalls, completely removing the bathtub, adding speakers and upgrading tiles that look exquisitely beautiful. It is also a project that can acquire you easy home-improvement financing and a bathroom that has major upgrades as part of it, is capable of having 93.2% returns on the investment that you have made according to the 2018 Costs vs Value report published by Remodeling Magazine.

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